Some functions of moxibustion

1. Dispelling pathogenic wind, cold and heat

-by warming moxibustion helps to move qi and blood
-relax the muscles and tendons
-strengthen digestion

-wind, cold, damp bi syndrome
-abdominal pain, diarrhea and dysmeorrhea from cold

2. Regulating qi, nourishing blood and tonifying yang

-used to treat weakness in chronic disease

-muscular atrophy
-chronic diarrhea
-chronic cystitis
-chronic nephritis

3. Warming the channels and collaterals and remove obstruction and stagnation of qi and blood

-to warm the channels and collaterals
-regulate the circulation of qi and blood
-stop pain from qi or blood stasis

-swellings or lumps caused by qi and/or blood stasis

4. Clearing the fu organs

-strengthens the functional activity of the gastrointestinal tract

-gastorintestinal problems resulting from cold and/or deficiency

5. Warms the kidneys, strengthens kidney yang, reinforces the center and stops prolapse and bleeding

-premature ejaculation
-symptoms arising from deficiency, cold of spleen and stomach
-bleeding from spleen qi not controlling the blood

6. Recapturing the yang to prevent yang collapse

-loss of consciousness, with weak pulse, shortness of breath, with or without contraction of the limbs

7. Improving the function of the brain

-mental fatigue
-learning disabilities
-retarded mental development

8. Promotes the function of the chong mai and ren mai in controlling blood

-nourish the fetus
-correct improper fetal position

9. Clears and dissipates heat toxins

-used as an analgesic
-for its dispersing action in hot, infectious conditions
-promotes healing of lesions
-dissolves clots and accumulations

-snake and insect bites
-pulmonary or lymphatic tuberculosis
-pain from shan qi
-fistula and ulcers that don’t heal

10. Strengthening zhen qi to prevent disease and promote longevity

There are many references to the use of moxa for prevention;

-the Bian Que Xin Shu (Experiences of Bian Que) recommends, “….frequent moxibustion on guanyuan, Ren 4, qihai, Ren 6, mingmen, Du 4, and zhongwan, Ren 12 to prolong a person’s life to 100 years.

-the Yishuo  recommends, moxa on zusanli, St 36 to guard against stroke

-Zhang Gaozhuan (1224) writes that moxa on zusanli, St 36 improves health and that moxa on guanyuan, Ren 4 and Shenshu, Bl 23 strengthens original yang

-moxa on dazhui, Du 14, fengmen, Bl 12 and hegu, LI 4 to guard against colds and flu

-the Zhen Jiu Da Cheng  states: “If it is necessary to strengthen a person’s health, zusanli, St 36 should never be dry”. This means that non-bacterial suppuration should be maintained at zusanlI.