Study in the midst of busyness

Shao said, “In recent days, I have had a lot of business with people. I am afraid I may neglect my study.” Master Lu said, “In that case, you should study right in the midst of your business with people. People today think business is business and study is study: they view them as separated Read more…

On the practice of medicine

On the practice of medicine The physician takes care of people’s life. He is placed at the head of the hundred arts and crafts, sitting with equal footing of the premier and minister. It is the art of humanity. One should not look down on the physician as practicing the little dao, only integrated with Read more…

Some functions of moxibustion

1. Dispelling pathogenic wind, cold and heat Functions -by warming moxibustion helps to move qi and blood -relax the muscles and tendons -strengthen digestion Indications -wind, cold, damp bi syndrome -abdominal pain, diarrhea and dysmeorrhea from cold 2. Regulating qi, nourishing blood and tonifying yang Functions -used to treat weakness in chronic disease Indications -muscular Read more…

Acupuncture helpful for a variety of breathing disorders

Some good research on the benefits of acupuncture for breathing difficulties.

American ginseng useful for debilitating fatigue.

American ginseng found useful for debilitating fatigue associated with cancer says Mayo Clinic research.