Some External Uses Of Chinese Herbs

Some External Uses Of Chinese Herbs copy

11 Tips on How to Maintain Breast Health

by Honora Lee Wolfe, author of Better Breast Health Naturally with Chinese Medicine, Blue Poppy Press, Boulder, CO 1. Keep alcohol consumption moderate. Many studies have shown that alcohol consumption does increase breast cancer rates by a certain percentage. However, a small amount of red wine and dark beer and ale on a regular basis is Read more…

Longevity Secrets from the Grand Masters of Chinese Medicine

The “Grand Master of Chinese Medicine” 国医大师 is an honorary title granted by Chinese government, and selected by a panel of various experts. The first selection occurred in 2008-09 and 30 TCM experts were named the Master of Chinese Medicine in 2009.  The selection will take place every 5 years.  Here are some secrets of Read more…

Early breast cancer screening increasing treatment and not reducing deaths

I am not posting this as an anto-biomedical stance. I am a strong supporter and consumer of good biomedicine. I think this information is important for us all. It also questions some of the ways we choose to believe incorrect information. Read the original blog, with link to NEJM research article.

Gua Sha 刮痧

Gua means to scrape or shave. Sha means sand, or husky (voice). Method Gua sha is the technique of scraping to bring a sandy, grainy looking, elevated, rough rash, or sha to the skin surface. Functions -to dispel exogenous wind, cold, heat, or damp penetration -to remove obstructions to the free flow of qi and Read more…