Professor Huang Huang Workshop

The Key Formula Families In Chinese Medicine

And Their Clinical Application

 Prof. Huang Huang  黄煌

 translated by Prof. Ding Xiao Hong

Prof. Huang is an engaging teacher, with a rich clinical and research background. Passionate
about classical formulas he will discuss his model of “formula – disease – patient – type”
and its application to common clinical presentations.

 Simply, Dr. Huang is an inspiration. He has a wonderful ability to make the complex study of classical formulas accessible. You will learn, how to learn Chinese herbal medicine. Dr. Huang will cover the most important formula families in the classical formula tradition. For each family, he will cover the constitutional type, the common clinical presentation and the main vulnerabilities treated. His family groupings provide an accessible entry point to understanding formulas, that is at the same time very rich and nuanced. The concept of formula family constitutions and their susceptibility to certain disorders, allows a clear understanding of how and when to use these formulas in clinic. The emphasis is clinical, and enriched with case histories and clinical research. Both beginners and experienced herbalists will find Dr. Huang’s presentation of classical formulas fascinating, and clinically applicable. Acupuncturists will find the ideas of constitutional types and how the formulas are constructed a useful avenue for a deeper understanding of Chinese medicine, and ways to use acupuncture. However, the workshop will not cover acupuncture treatments.

Tuesday will be a Master Class on commonly seen women’s disorders and how to choose the appropriate formula for them. Master classes with Dr. Huang are a great insight into how to develop your diagnostic skills, differential diagnosis, and a knowledge of the appropriate use of formulas.

Where: Brisbane Riverview Hotel
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Hamilton  QLD   4007
p. 07.3862.1800
 toll free. 1300.785.453

When: Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Oct 2, 3, 4, 5,  2010           8.30 a.m. – 4.30 p.m.
Tuesday, Oct 5, Master class, The use of classical formulas in gynecology

Cost: Saturday – Monday $571            AACMA Member $10 discount
Tuesday only $197                       AACMA Member $10 discount
All 4 Days $758                           AACMA Member $10 discount
Early bird discount full payment by August 12, $693 for 4 days

Dr. Huang Huang, is a Professor at the Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  He has written extensively on classical Chinese medicine and its modern day clinical applications.  He has studied and researched in Japan. A gifted, and engaging teacher he has inspired Chinese students and doctors, as well as practitioners in Europe, the United States and Australia, to reengage with classical formulas.

Dr. Ding Xiao Hong, Vice Professor of Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.


Teaching – really a talented teacher, able to explain his thinking and observations


Demonstrating his dianosis for formula families                      Nick singing a dedication song


Greg, Prof Ding, Mary, Prof Huang                                                     Meeting a water dragon


A trip to the rainforest                                                                          A moments reflection at Byron Bay