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Menla Clinic

Regular updates on clinic activities, schedule, articles on traditional medicine, recipes, DIY acupuncture, classes, self help tips and more.

Recollective Awareness Meditation

Occasional postings of articles on Recollective Awareness and upcoming events.

Single Moon Seminars

Updates on upcoming professional workshops by Greg and others.  My good friend and colleague John Thompson and I host workshops with some of the leading scholar practitioners from around the world. We chose the name Single Moon, from a haiku by Matsuo Basho. We feel it embodies our aim to encourage the development of healing skills in the alleviation of suffering. It embodies our attitude of mutual respect for a diversity of traditiona and paths.

Beneath A Single Moon
Four temple gates
four ways
beneath a single moon.           Basho

Doctors follow their individual paths, beneath the single moon of a great medical tradition