Nanjing Study Trip, January 2010

A three week trip to the Nanjing University of Traditional Medicine in China. Greg arranged a study trip to one of China’s premier training Universities. We spent mornings in clinics with talented practitioners treating patients and benefitting from their clinical experience. In the afternoon we had classes on formulas with Huang Huang, gynecology with Wang Ling Ling, moxa with Tao Kun, abdominal palpation and more. Between these we visited with older generation herbalists to discuss, observe and for prescriptions.

It was fun to sample good food from the many small side walk eateries and other abundant restaurants. Weekend and evening trips to temples, beautiful gardens, art galleries and bookshops. We had a few days relaxation in Shanghai at the end.

Visit the site from time to time to learn about upcoming trips.


Needling a young patient, who had suffered a fall              Adam practicing some interesting moxa techniques


Elderly & deeply experienced senior clinicians to study with           Tao Kun, one of the best moxa practitioners


Some interesting “herbs” in the pharmacy. These are toad skins, something like our cane toads, for help with some severe illnesses


With Dr Liu working on differential diagnosis                     His gentle hands & magic herb balls applied to points

Practicing cupping for low back pain

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