Stephen Brown Workshop

Explorations in Meridian Therapy 

with Stephen Brown

“Stephen is one of the finest exponents of traditional Japanese acupuncture and allied arts. He is a gifted teacher and guide. Take every opportunity to study with him.”  Greg Bantick

Meridian Therapy is the dominant form of traditional acupuncture in Japan. This system based on the Nanjing (Classic of Difficulties) and the five phases relies on refined pulse taking and palpation skills combined with subtle needling techniques. This workshop will introduce the theory, palpation techniques, and five phases treatment strategies of Meridian Therapy. Shudo Denmei, one of the leaders of Meridian Therapy in Japan, has a refined and simplified approach.  Stephen Brown, the leading exponent of the Shudo style, will teach the refinements in Meridian Therapy. In addition, Stephen will also present some of Shudo Demei’s symptomatic strategies using super-rotation insertion, moxibustion, and intradermal needles.  This workshop will provide ample time for hands-on practice for a working understanding of Meridian Therapy.

Friday participants will learn:
Stephen will share some of his personal clinical experience with an emphasis on self-care, including Sotai and qi gong. He will demonstrate how to use these in treatments.

Weekend participants will learn:
-an introduction to the history of Meridian Therapy and its stylistic variations
-pulse diagnosis for diagnosis and treatment
-how to palpate and accurately locate points requiring tonification
-superficial insertion techniques for tonification and dispersion
-how to palpate and needle symptomatic points on the back, neck and shoulder

Where: Walkabout Creek – Banksia room – Brisbane Forest Park
60 Mt Nebo Road, The Gap, Qld  

When: November 20, 21 and 22, 2009           8.30 a.m. – 4.30 p.m.

Cost: Friday only   $140                          AACMA Member $10 discount
Saturday & Sunday $330            AACMA Member $10 discount
All 3 Days $430                          AACMA Member $10 discount
Early bird discount full payment by October1 $400 for 3 days

Stephen Brown, L. Ac. graduated from Japan Central Acupuncture College in Tokyo in 1983 and obtained his license to practice shiatsu, acupuncture, and moxibustion in Japan.  In 1984 he continued his study in Beijing, China. He moved to Seattle in 1986 and is currently teaching at the Seattle Institute of Oriental Medicine.  He is also a practitioner and teacher of traditional exercises for health including yoga, taichi, sotai, and qi gong. A native speaker of Japanese he has translated many texts and has served as an interpreter for international seminars and conferences.  He is a founding member, and one of the editors of the North American Journal of Oriental Medicine devoted to traditional Japanese medicine.

Recommended Reading:
Introduction to Meridian Therapy     By Shudo Denmei & Stephen Brown
Locating Effective Acupuncture Points By Shudo Denmei & Stephen Brown