About Greg Bantick and Menla

A physician’s personal style of clinical practice reflects their learning and clinical experience, and the many influences that have shaped it. The following features sum up my clinical style. They give an idea of how I approach treatment and what you may expect in a visit;

Acupuncture – I generally use a small number of needles, with gentle insertion and light stimulation. Occasionally for acute conditions it is useful to elicit a mild stimulation to relieve symptoms.

Chinese herbal medicine – I prefer to prescribe the dried plants, shells and minerals, generally referred to as Chinese herbal medicine. This allows me to write a formula specific to a patients and their condtion, and to manage the doses of each component. Most commonly, I use a small number of herbs and small doses of each herb per formula. I base many formulas on tried and tested ideas from well known early texts on Chinese herbal medicine. Amongst other benefits, this helps keep costs down. Where useful, I also prescribe herbs in tablet, capsule and granulated forms. I also make a range of externally applied ointments and liniments for skin conditions, soft tissue and bone injuries etc.

Moxibustion, cupping ear acupuncture etc. – Asian medicine utilises many adjunctive treatment strategies. Where appropriate I use a range of other traditional forms of treatment.

Less frequent visits – I aim to help everyone as quickly as possible. Depending on the condition and your health goals, this may only be a few treatments. For others it may be months, or even years.

Emphasis on self care – It is important to me that patients become informed about their conditions and more independent of ongoing medical care. Education is part of treatment and developing awareness of our health, so that we can better care for ouselves and utilise outside help when necassary. Your questions are very welcome. I also teach a variety of classes to develop and encourage self care.

A team approach to health care – While Asian medicine is very useful and powerful for many conditions, it also has its limitations. In my own practice, I integrate biomedical knowledge and some other diagnostic and treatment options into your care. Occasionally, I  refer patients for other forms of diagnosis and treatment.

I practice at the Health and Healing Wellness Centre, in Wooloowin Brisbane, Australia. This is a leading integrative health care facility in Brisbane. We have well qualified assistant and administrative staff, and provide a quiet, clean environment for your care. Our in house herbal dispensary has a permanent stock of over 150 herbs. To guarantee the highest quality and authenticity of ingredients, we source directly from our own reputable, and Chinese and Australian government approved suppliers. Greg also provides a range of hand made liniments, washes, poultices, powders, ointments and creams.

My AHPRA registration number is CMR0001733690

 My education and background 

Received his early education in Chinese medicine in Sydney, Australia. He was instrumental in developing one of the early training programs in Brisbane, Australia, while maintaining an active private practice with an emphasis on mood disorders and women’s problems. He arranged trips by several leading Chinese and Japanese scholar practitioners to Australia during the early 1980’s. At various times he undertook further lengthy training in China, Japan, England and the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in San Diego, U.S.A. He graduated from the later with a Masters Degree. While in San Diego he served in curriculum advisory roles and as a senior faculty member and clinical supervisor for over 13 years. In 2001 he was invited by Dan Bensky to be Academic Dean and Clinical Director of the Seattle Institute of Oriental Medicine. He returned to Brisbane in early 2005 where he has a clinical practice and continues to teach in Brisbane Chinese medical schools and to the profession. As well as long time involvement in Chinese medical education, Greg has maintained a private practice for over 35 years. He really enjoys being a Dad to his son Marco. Bird watching, drawing, and bushwalks are favored recreational activities. Learning about our internal terrain through meditation and Tai Ji Chuan are abiding interests.